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Quick glance

Starting from October 22, 2018, all visits to the Siming campus of Xiamen University will be carried out by appointment: visitors should make an appointment in advance through the WeChat public account of Xiamen University "U Xiamen University". Please bring your ID and arrive at the designated school gate during the appointment time .

Xiamen is a charming "sea garden". The hometown of overseas Chinese, the customs of Fujian and Taiwan, seaside food, and exotic buildings are integrated. The climate like spring all the year round is the icing on the cake and the charm of the sea. It is one of the best cities in the country.

Due to the good ecological environment, Xiamen’s air is fresh and there are thousands of egrets inhabiting, forming a unique natural landscape of Xiamen. And because Xiamen’s topography resembles an egret, it is called "Egret Island".

Gulangyu is
known as the "Garden on the Sea", "World Architecture Exhibition", "Hometown of Music", and "Island of Piano". The island is full of petty bourgeoisie and is a very romantic meeting place.

Nanputuo Temple An
uncontested Buddhist shrine, in the temple, visitors have the opportunity to taste the famous Nanputuo Temple vegetarian dishes.

Xiamen University One of
the most beautiful university campuses in China. Coastal scenery, buildings scattered in the clouds and mist, like a fairyland in Penglai; the most wonderful seawall embankment, with red flowers and green shadows, is inlaid in the west of Lu Island.

Hulishan Fortress has
both European and Chinese architectural styles during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It houses the two largest and smallest ancient cannons in the world today.

Best travel time


Xiamen is warm all year round and is suitable for travel throughout the year. For tourists, the difference in the number of tourists in low and peak seasons is the focus of consideration.

Peak season (summer vacation, statutory holidays) : There are more tourists, and the ferry between Gulangyu and Gulangyu is under pressure. For Xiamen, which is close to the sea, most tourists who want to step on the water and go to the sea will choose to come during the summer vacation. The coastline of Guanyin Mountain has a unique seaside scenery.

Low season (Non-holidays from November to March) : If you want to avoid a large number of tourists, you can choose this time period. The off-season temperature is relatively low and it is not suitable for going to the sea, but other activities can still be carried out as usual.

Recommended number of days to play

3-5 days

It takes 2 days to go shopping in the main city of Xiamen, and Gulangyu can consider 1-2 days. If you want to go to Guanyin Mountain to play the sea, or go to Fangte Paradise, you need to add 1 day each.

For detailed routes on the 3rd and 5th in Xiamen, you can return to the catalog page to see the section on recommended routes .

Consumption level

Xiamen's overall consumption level is relatively low among tourist cities. Because most of the attractions do not charge tickets, the specialties are mainly snacks with lower prices. Except for the beautiful souvenirs in the Internet celebrity shops, which need to spend more money, other aspects will not be too expensive.

Dressing guide

Picture: What tourists wear during the New Year's Eve in winter.

Xiamen is warm throughout the year without severe cold in winter. In terms of weather attributes, it is only divided into hot season (May-October) and cool season (November-April).

The hot season (May-October)
keeps the temperature at 20°C-30°C, and it is especially hot from June to September. Summer clothes are the main ones, so you need to pay attention to sun protection. You can bring a thin coat to cope with the strong winds in rainy days and the slight coolness in the morning. July and August are the typhoon season, and it is recommended to always pay attention to weather changes.

During the cool season (November-April), the
temperature is kept at 10°C-20°C. Coats and trousers are essential items for the cool season. The main feature of the cool season is the large temperature difference, warm and comfortable in the afternoon, you can wear single clothes, but it is cold in the morning and evening, you need to wear a jacket, and Xiamen is close to the sea with heavier humidity, so you need to pay special attention to warmth in the morning and evening.